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StudentBuild is an exclusive network of Africa's students and recent graduates who have been tested on the job. Join top fast-growing companies hiring best-fit junior talent with confidence! 

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    Potentials asides, these ones posses the superpowers to hit the ground running immediately on fast-paced teams

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    Hand-matched talent straight to your inbox under 24 hours and with just one brief meeting. Your specific needs only.

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    Expensive talent but you don't have to pay exhorbitant fees to hire or access them in one place easily 

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Leverage the Best of African Junior Talent

StudentBuild Talent are well mentored by experts from top companies and have foundational skills backed with experience in solving challenging problems. We watched them performed on the job.

How to Hire From StudentBuild

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    Detail your specific requirements

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    To understand your talent need in 15-20 minutes

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    Hand-selected talent sent to you for an interview.

How We Vet Talent

We assess talent using a learning-focused system in which they get to accelerate their skills with mentorship and real-world experience before they get to you.

  • 1

    Mastery of the foundational skills

    StudentBuild Talent are given take-home projects to be completed under 72 hours and presented to a selection board who are experts in their domains.

  • 2

    Good communicaton and motivation

    Over a video call, the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively is tested. A deeper understanding of their technical experience and also motivation to grow is achieved. 

  • 3

    On-the-Job Performance

    The candidate will be matched with a fast-growing startup to perform on the job in a real team, working remotely on tangible projects/tasks 20hrs/week for 3 months. 

  • 4


    If successful after a performance review, talent is invited to the StudentBuild Talent Network where they are profiled and are ready for opportunities.

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