Leverage Africa's emerging talent

Mentor vetted apprentices remotely for three months as they take less-urgent activities off your plate. They get hands-on training, you get more simple tasks done and build a reliable pipeline of entry-level talent. 

Why StudentBuild Apprenticeship?

  • Get more done, for free

    Focus on most prioritized tasks/projects and assign StudentBuild Apprentices to other needs that get pushed to later.


    Discover potential future hires and confidently select whenever you have junior roles to fill. 

  • Empower Emerging Talent

    Impact the next generation of value creators who will build Africaand the world, tomorrow.  

How It Works

You can work with a maximum of 3 apprentices per quarter. This can be recycled up to four times during a 12-month period. 

  • 1

    Setup your business

    Let us know about your business, the kind of tasks/roles you will be needing help with, how you will prefer the apprentices to work with you and agree to the apprenticeship terms.


  • 2

    Get Matched

    Within 2 weeks, StudentBuild will match you with the right candidates — those we've sourced, vetted, and know have the drive to learn and help grow your business. 

  • 3

    Kickstart Apprenticeship

    Work together for three months and get 20 hours of help a week per apprentice. Assign tasks, give feedback, and guide your apprentice as they help you with your needs, unpaid, as part of their training. 

  • 4


    If after 3 months of work, you hope to work with the apprentices in the future, move them to your talent pool and get a new batch of apprentice to work with you for another quarter.




Startup Pricing

  • StudentBuild Quarterly

    Mentor 3 vetted apprentice at a time as they help grow your business.
  • StudentBuild Annually

    Mentor 3 vetted apprentice at a time as they help grow your business.
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