Close the Experience Gap in 3 Months

Get matched with a fast-growing company to work on tangible projects, get quality mentorship in return and a priority consideration for paid job opportunities thereafter.

How the Apprenticeship Works

Focus on accelerating your skills, we will watch how you work and invite you to our exclusive talent network if you perform excellently.

  • Fully Remote

    You can focus on your academics (or other things) and at the same time build a real-world industry experience on the side, from anywhere you are.

  • Flextime

    The time commitment is flexible but you must be able to commit up to 3 hours per day for 3 months. You might be required to spend more time but that depends.


    You won't be paid during the apprenticeship. It's a tremendous learning opportunity in which you get high-quality mentorship in return.

  • Learning-Focused

    Every week, you will chronicle your experience and receive quality feedback from experienced professionals on how to improve your skills.

  • Self-Sponsored

    You must provide your own laptop, workspace, and internet, as well as cover all social costs and fees. Think of it like you're taking an online course.


    After the apprenticeship and upon excellent completion, we will write you an endorsement letter and a badge to showcase on your LinkedIn profile.

Become In Demand

StudentBuild focuses on the following skills areas categorized under technology, business, and design.

  • Technology

    • Frontend Development
    • Backend Development
    • Technical Support
    • Data Analytics
  • Business

    • Product Management
    • Business Development
    • Marketing
    • Project Management
  • Design

    • UI & UX
    • Visual/Interaction Design
    • Animation
    • Illustration

What Our Talent Are Saying

  • "StudentBuild opened me up to a career-changing opportunity. In contrast to what is obtainable in the current job climate in Nigeria, the job found me and not the other way around. Participating in this program automatically puts you two steps ahead of your contemporaries. Why haven't you joined?!"


Questions You May Have

  • What exactly will I be doing at the company I'm being matched with?

    You will be assigned real tangible tasks and projects to work on. This will be an opportunity to apply all the learning you've gathered by yourself, from online courses and different places, and master your craft faster.

    An experienced professional will be assigned to you from the company you will work with. They will supervise your work, help you break down your tasks into simpler bits doable each day, track your performance and provide you with quality feedback weekly.

  • What happens if my performance is not up to expectation?

    We will stay close and find a way to help you get better on the job but if a poor performance persists, we will have to withdraw you from the apprenticeship in order to give you closer attention and help you get back on track. 

  • Who is qualified to take StudentBuild Apprenticeship?

    You are qualified if you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, or recent graduate who has foundational skills and understanding and has a track record of getting things done

  • What kind of companies do you match talent with?

    Primarily fast-growing companies or high-growth businesses popularly known as startups. These companies are different from the traditional ones because they are designed to grow fast. So their work is fast-paced, less structured, and lean.

    We believe that it is in such a work environment our talent will be able to learn fast in a short time, get to contribute directly to the success of businesses they are being matched with, and have a great view of how businesses are being run in real life.

  • Will I be employed after my apprenticeship?

    While employment are not guaranteed, talent who successfully complete the apprenticeship are fast-tracked through ordinary application processes for paid opportunities at the companies they are matched with or other companies that hire at StudentBuild.

  • Will I be treated as an employee of the company I'm being matched with?

    While you will work directly with the staff of the company you're being matched with, you are legally not their employee. However, you will sign a work contract with StudentBuild as an apprentice which is to ensure compliance.

It's free and real!

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Mentor ambitious students remotely for 3 months while they help you get more done and you get to build a quality pool of future junior hires. 

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